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10 Things Your Pediatrician Might Not Explain To You, Part 10

That they really do care.

Pediatricians and doctors really do have a love and compassion for the welfare of children and families. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. I have worked with many of these colleagues and they are brilliant, caring and dedicated people. Some of my most valuable lessons are from western trained physicians. Allopathic medicine has incredible strengths and it is amazing the advancements we have made and the lives that we can save. Unfortunately where it often falls short is its’ reliance on using prescription medication to treat symptoms, and to fail to address the root cause of disease. Health care practitioners are also faced with years of grueling stress, witnessing devastating situations, administrative pressures, insurance reimbursement struggles, and having to see a large number of patients day after day. It is easy to get burnt out and to lose sight of their original calling. So next time your doc looks uninterested or disapproving, gently remind them that you are in this together.

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