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Membership Fee

We are honored that you have chosen us as your providers because you believe in the integrative and holistic model of healthcare. Unfortunately, the insurance industry doesn’t value our model of care and thus are not reimbursed appropriately. This is why many integrative and holistic providers do not accept insurance at all and conventional offices have standard visits of 15 minutes with 8 minutes of face to face time with the provider. We are proud to be pioneers in the much needed paradigm shift of our healthcare system, but the industry has a long way to go. Establishing an annual membership fee for primary care patients enables us to continue to accept insurance while still making exceptional care accessible for you and your family. 


  • Pricing:

    • One family member: $100/year

    • Two family members: $140/year

    • Three family members: $180/year

    • Four or more family members: capped at $220/year

  • This fee specifically covers services not covered by your medical insurance within the integrative framework. 

  • If you do not pay the fee by February 15th, you will be put into inactive status, and will not be able to schedule appointments until the fee is reconciled.

  • This fee is non-refundable.

  • If a child is born or if a patient enters the practice after September 1st, you will not be charged until the following year.

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