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Praise for Leslee and Lisa


Leslee is a supportive and constructive coach who taught me to make small changes slowly, so that they would become habits rather than quick fixes that would eventually fail. She is patient with my questions and struggles and is an incredible source of nutritional guidance and information. Her programs are easy to follow, and she provides help every step of the way!

- Wendy B.



    Leslee Ruggeri is undeniably one of the best and most inspirational fitness professionals that I have met in the industry. She expects her clients to put forth their best effort during training sessions, where the challenge is met each and every time. She is gifted in being incredibly motivating, while thoughtful of any physical barriers or injuries a client may have; she will make adjustments in the routine to ensure that any given injury is neither ignored nor further aggravated. This is, in my experience, what has led me onto the path of not only recovery from a lower back injury, but has made me eager to be even stronger than I have ever been in my forty years of life. After I suffered an unfortunate SI joint injury over two years ago, I started taking group fitness classes with Leslee. At the time, I was unable to do a sit up in those classes; she was mindful of my injury and instructed me to do alternative exercises that slowly helped to improve my back muscles. One year later, I hired Leslee to be my personal trainer, and she cautiously challenged my body more and more over another year’s time. Today, I have moved on to doing strength training with her as my coach. The intensity of these strength training sessions is comparable to that of cross fit, but with the benefit of having personalized attention and new  challenges to the sessions every time.  Not only have my fitness capabilities increased substantially in these past two and a half years, she has opened my mind to the importance of a nutritional lifestyle change. With a consistent weekly schedule of strength training with Leslee, running on my own, and her     nutritional plan for me, I have lost considerable weight, and have more energy than I have had since nine years ago when my daughter was born. Training with Leslee has been such an amazing and life-changing experience that I didn’t expect to have. I am truly fortunate and grateful to have her guidance in my life.  

- Stephanie N.