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Thrive Nutrition Programs

Complimentary 15 Minute Nutrition & Wellness Consultation

Are you ready to stop struggling with diets and start loving the way you eat and live?  Let go of the weight and unhealthy habits that are holding you back in life and discover ways to satisfy your unique body with support and guidance from Thrive’s nutrition & wellness consultants. If you are serious about feeling your absolute best, losing weight, and gaining optimal health while eliminating cravings, balancing your digestion, and boosting peace and joy in your life, schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to learn how to get started!

1:1 Nutrition & Wellness Consultations - 50 Minutes

1:1 Nutrition & Wellness consultations are a great way to identify, enact and maintain sustainable changes in your life. Whether you need to establish a personal wellness plan or just need a tune up, spend 50 minutes with an expert focusing on areas of concern regarding your personal health and wellness. Receive recommendations based on needs and goals and leave feeling aware and motivated to make a change. 

Thrive into Health- 3 & 6 Month Nutrition & Wellness Programs 

These 3 and 6 month nutrition and wellness programs are designed for clients who want to learn more about finding the right balance and fit for their lives when it comes to implementing a nutrition and wellness plan. The programs help foster permanent lifestyle changes for those seeking personal accountability, measurable progress, and a sustainable path toward good health. Over the course of three or six months, participants will work to target areas of nutritional imbalance, find strategies to overcome health challenges, lose weight, increase energy, and feel great! 


Thrive’s Coach + Train - 1 month KICKSTART Program 

This 1 month focused program is a workout for your body and a workout for your life! The Coach+Train program goes where other programs fall short. It combines fitness training and health/nutrition coaching to achieve results. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when working toward overall health goals. Since the majority of hours spent outside the gym are critical to success, this program will help you build strength and vitality in the gym, great health in the kitchen as well as many new lifestyle habits. Finally, a program that combines the two elements to bring positive change! 

For more information regarding any of the Thrive Nutrition & Wellness programs or to book a consultation, email or call (860) 980 - 0128.